Tashkent 2014

The US men’s national Freestyle team did not do as I expected of them to at the Tashkent World Championships held in Tashkent Uzbekistan. The men’ freestyle team consisting of Tony Ramos at 56 kilos, Jimmy Kennedy at 61 kilos, Brent Metcalf at 65 kilos, Nick Marable at 70 kilos, 2012 Olympic champ Jordan Burroughs at 74 kilos, Ed Ruth at 86, 2012 Olympic champ Jake Varner. The US team did not start off particularly well as Tony Ramos was beaten out in the first round by Bekhbayar Erdenebat of Mongolia followed by Marable who made it to the quarterfinals through winning his first two matches but ended up being eliminated in the quarters by Ali Shabanau of Belarus. After Marable was Ed Ruth at 86 kilos, who won his first match to clinch his spot in the round of 32 but lost to Mohammadhossein Mohammadian of Iran Leaving the US with no medals so far. Thankfully the big man Tervel Dlagnev strung together a great series going three and one on the day with his only loss occurring in the quarterfinals to Taha Akgul of Turkey but he ultimately pulled through and earned bronze, earning the first US medal in freestyle on the first day. The second day was not quit as disappointing, but to say the least did not leave me happy. The second day was no doubt filled with more of the US’s top performers, that being our two 2012 Olympic champs Jordan Burroughs, and Jake Varner. Starting off at 61 kilos with Jimmy Kennedy who won his first, but was beat out in the round of 32 to Andrei Perpelita of Maldova. Next Brent Metcalf beat his opponent Yun-Seok Lee of Korea, but fell to Mustafa Kaya of Turkey. That leaves us to the two Olympic gold medalist who also hit turbulence in a disastrous two days of freestyle. Burroughs Tweaked his knee in the first match against Augusto Midana of Guinea Bisau but continued to wrestle later losing in the semis to Tsargush of Russia ending Burroughs’ 18-0 streak, which later he came back to triumph in his 3rd place match. Although this week for the men’s freestyle national team did not turn out as i expected or desired i believe that this young and quit frankly very talented team, especially two time world and one time Olympic champ Jordan Burroughs learned that not everything turns out how you expect, but never is there room for excuses to be made and that is shown thru Burroughs’ interview with Flo Wrestling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1IkOiybaoE

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