Performance Nutrition

I recently sat in on a performance nutrition talk done by Matthew R. Doyle a MS, and LAT from the University of Iowa Sports Medicine and he talked about how to optimize your performance via your nutrition, what you put in and what you put out, when and what you should consume to get the results you ultimately want. His presentation really intrigued me mostly because for years i have had to focus so much on what i consume and how it will either affect me for better or for worse, and this really helped me to understand in greater detail the importance of clean eating and fueling the “machine” with what it needs to process and function the way its supposed to.  He greatly emphasized the point, “Maximize your potential” he talked about how you could do this simply by just organizing a good food plan, that allows you to realize and achieve what you are capable of. He stressed making goals and trying your hardest to achieve them. This presentation was not only a talk on nutrition, but in a way it was a influential and motivational presentation, sharing what a good clean diet can hep you accomplish. Not only does a clean diet help with just your over all health, it helps propel you through your workouts, and helps you to gain all that you could from that workout. Clean eating helps in not only fueling your workouts but also in the recovery process coming shortly after the workout.Dedication and discipline have a huge affect on how successful you are in anything you do, and that involves your ability to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and really get yourself ready to perform in anything you do whether its a workout, or a performance in anything athletic event, to figures of everyday life including focusing on work, concentrating on projects, being able to focus  on important daily tasks, making sure you fuel your body with foods that will replenish you will greatly help you in any of these situations. Another point that he stressed that i feel was very influential was creating an edge for yourself, and a big part of that is being mindful and making sure you feel good about what you consume. He states that the average athletic male should intake 2400-3200 kcal, and the average women should intake 2000-2400 kcals. I really enjoyed Matt’s presentation, and all of the points that he stressed. I loved his attitude about nutrition, and how he talked about how simply just eating healthy can incorporate maximum gain in all things you do.


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