Side Effects to Overtraining

Overtraining is something that creates many problems in a lot of sports. Overtraining usually leads to bad injuries, and or affected performance, and can cause problems with athletes confidence work ethic, and many more aspects tied into performance, attitude, and confidence. Serious injury, and damage can be done to the body through overtraining. Increased intensity, and prolonged workouts not to make them sound negative, can be very beneficial toward the performance, confidence, and most importantly the health of an athlete, but it must be done right, and the athlete must be given a break from the strenuous workouts every once and a while to avoid risks of overtraining. Believe me I think working out is one of the greatest thing to ensure that you can know that you look as good as you feel, but I think an important thing to keep in mind is that too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily beneficial to you, or in this case your body. Muscle, and body fatigue is an issue associated with overtraining, as it breaks down the body too much for it to handle at a time. Working out as we all know is the body breaking down muscles to be rebuilt better and stronger, but too much of that can lead to more serious issues. when training strenuously, the body must be properly taken care of, by the consumption of good calories, the base of a good diet to ensure that the body is rebuilt as quickly as possible. If the body is not receiving as many calories as it is burning it can leave to energy deficiency or sluggishness, faint feelings, and inability to continue workouts. Excessive training can increase you resting heart rate, as well as unexplained weight loss, and decreased appetite. It can also lead to dehydration, particularly making you increasingly thirsty at night time. If you become dehydrated your body can possibly resort to lack of perspiration due to another approach taken by your body to regulate fluids throughout your body. Fitness and exercise are very essential tools to living a healthy lifestyle but you must regulate it to make sure that overtraining doesn’t occurs. Overtraining is a serious matter, and effects many people, especially athletes everyday and ultimately it is worse for you than not exercising as it can increase risk of injury as well as many of physical and mental aspects of life.

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