Green Tea’s Health Benefits

Coming from a family with an asian background that also consume a large quantity of different teas, green tea happens to be one of my favorites. Green Tea also has many great health benefits. Green tea has many beneficial properties in the words of Christopher Ochner PhD, courtesy of, he states that “It’s the healthiest thing i can think of to drink”. Drinking green tea in my opinion is one of the single greatest things you can ingest to benefit your body. Obviously green tea isn’t a miracle cure, that can solve all health issues, for that you need to take care of your body with a good diet and exercise, as well as be aware of your genes, and family history, but green tea sure can help make a healthy lifestyle easier to maintain. The most beneficial thing gained from the consumption of green tea is the fact that green tea contains catechins, which are very important antioxidants. These antioxidants help with fighting of cell damage. Due to the fact that it isn’t filtered very much before it is consumed, allowing for more catechins to be present in the tea. Green tea has also been proven to lower cholesterol, as well as improve blood flow. Green tea helps with many things from high blood pressure, too depleting the risks of congestive heart failure. Not only does green tea help with keeping your heart healthy, it also helps to keep your brain functioning healthily too. Green tea helps to improve memory functions in the brain, as well as block the formation of plaque linked to alzheimers. Blood sugar stability is another benefit, greatly complementing those of people who have diabetes, as green tea can help in the maintaining of healthy blood sugar levels. Green tea can also help aid in weight loss, as it contains an active ingredient called EGCG. Green tea is a healthy alternative to sugar filled drinks like soda. It is said that if you were to substitute 1 to 2 cups of green tea a day for a year you would save yourself from consuming about 50,ooo calories. Thats nearly 15 pounds taken off of you just by substituting a couple of sugary drinks for healthy beneficial green tea. Not only does green tea have physical health benefits, it also has mentally benefits too. Green tea has been know to help with relaxation. Green tea contains a natural chemical called theanine. theanine is said to have calming properties.


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