Coconut Oil, a New “Superfood”?

We all know coconut as that big hard shelled tropical food swaying up in a palm tree, or in a hand of a beach goer, chilling on a beach enjoying a nice tropical drink,  but did you know that the oil of a coconut has incredible health benefits? Coconuts hold many incredible properties that can better your health. Most of these properties lie in the the oil extracted from the flesh of a matured coconut. Coconut oil is so unique because it contains a unique combination of several different fatty acids. It also plays a key role in brain functioning, and processing, as well as weight loss. For a while coconut oil was frowned upon, and in some ways shunned from the health world due to the fact that coconut oil contains saturated fat. Saturated fat as we all know is one thing that health nuts hate to hear included in their food. Coconut oil is actually one of the most saturated fat rich food known to us all. Containing about 90% saturated fat, you can see why so many health nuts were cautious, and against the use of this saturated fat loaded “Superfood”. According to many studies have overturned those old rumors that saturated fat is nothing but good. Some sources of saturated fat can be good, and one of those rare sources of healthy saturated fats is coconut oil. the common myth that saturated fats cause arteries to clog is exactly what it’s called, a myth. Saturated fats, although most of the time are unhealthy, saturated fats are mostly harmless.

Coconut oil doesn’t contain the typical saturated fats found in food like red meat, and cheese, but contains a healthier special form of saturated fat called medium chain triglycerides.These medium chain triglycerides, or medium length fatty acids, are unlike regular long chain triglycerides because of how they metabolized differently. these medium length saturated fats go straight from the digestive tract to the liver, where they are used as a quick energy source known as ketones, which can also have therapeutic on brain disorders like epilepsy, and alzheimer’s. Coconut is so healthy, that areas of the world that consume more coconut than the majority of other, have been proven to be substantially healthier. The Tokelauans, a population of people located in South Pacific Asia, are arguably some of the healthiest people in the world. The Tokelauans get more than 605 of their daily caloric intake from just coconut alone. Due to the large amounts of saturated fat in coconut, the Tokelauans consume more saturated fat than anyone else in the entire world. These people, however much saturated fat from coconut oils that they ingest, the have shown no signs, and no history of heart issues, or any other health issues usually associated with saturated fats. We all know that one of the greatest problems in not only the US, but in most of the world is obesity, and obesity is usually linked in most cases to fatty food, usually those containing saturated fats. This is where coconut oil breaks the trend of bad reps for saturated fats. Coconut oil like i’ve said earlier is a healthy source of saturated fats that battle back against obesity, as its not how many calories you consume, but what the calories consumed come from. Coconut oil, high in saturated fat and calories, contains what are known as good, or healthy calories. Different foods act, and effect our bodies in different ways. This means that not all calories are really calories. These medium chain triglycerides are so much better than the regular long chained triglycerides due to the fact that the expend more energy, and calories more quickly than their larger more slowly digested compadres. A study, once again courtesy of > says that 15-30 grams of medium length triglycerides increased the 24 hour energy expendature by nearly 5%. Thats nearly 120 calories per day. Coconut oils also help in fighting off bacteria, and other pathogens. Coconut oil contains an acid that makes up about 50% of the make up of coconut oil calle Lauric acids. Lauric acids when digested along with the other components that make up coconut oil, its enzymatically broken down and creates Monolaurin.Both monolaurin, and lauric acids help to breakdown and kill harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Monolaurin, and lauric acids have been shown to be able to break down and kill the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida Albicans, usually associated with things like yeast infections in humans.

Coconut oils also help in cutting hunger cravings. Once again the Ketones in the oil have yet another affect on the human body, as it is also known to reduce the amount of hunger cravings, ones body may secrete. In many studies putting people up to consuming different levels of MCT’s and ketones where shown to consuming up to 256 fewer calories throughout the course of the day.


Ginger the Super Food

We all know ginger as probably just another essential ingredient to many Asian dishes. Ginger, a very widely used ingredient has many incredible health benefits to go along with its aromatic, spicy, pungent taste. Ginger is an essential and easy accessible ingredient. Ginger has been for many years used as a way to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. It helps to alleviate, and rid excess intestinal gases. It is known as a intestinal spasmolytic, which helps to relax and soothe your intestinal track. Ginger also helps in inhibiting inflammation to occur in your body. More gastrointestinal benefits of ginger, is its ability to help relieve symptoms of motion sickness, along with seasickness as well. In a study courtesy of ginger has been shown to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness, and sea sickness better than a widely prescribed over the counter medicine,Dramamine. Ginger reduces many symptoms of motion sickness, and sea sickness like, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cold sweats. Pregnant women can also use ginger to relieve vomiting, as it is safe and cannot cause any birth defects like many medicines do. Containing large amounts of gingerol, a very effective anti inflammatory, ginger is loaded with this chemical which can keep you feeling good.Ginger is a largely encouraged food in the diets of those with osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, but it has to be consumed regularly. Ginger also helps to jump start your digestive juices allowing you the trouble of not becoming constipated, and feel sick, or bloated. It also helps your body in the absorption of important and essential nutrients. Ginger can also be used to help clear out those pesky annoying stuffy noses you get when you are sick, as it can help you clear out your sinuses. It has many immunity boost as well. It can help with healthy sweating, good for when you have a cold or are experiencing flu like symptoms, which can help speed up detoxification, an kick those toxins, and other bad chemicals in your body to the curb.If you put ginger in tea or other hot beverages while sick, it can help to relieve soar throats, as well as reduce throat, and nasal congestion. It is a potent germ fighting agent, and can help fight off infections. The best thing about ginger is that is is so highly concentrated in all of these health kickstarting chemicals, molecules, et

Common Myths and Misconceptions of “Cutting Weight”

You have probably all heard or noticed at sometime someone talking and most of the times complaining about how wrestlers lose weight extremely fast, as well as how they fluctuate throughout the course of the season, and how it is extremely unhealthy for these young individuals. with y background in the sport of wrestling i have had to many, many times of the fact that yes it can be done correctly, yes it can be done healthily, and yes it can be done right. The whole process of “cutting weight” gets a real bad rap from all the idiotic things that many immature, high school students, who are not yet educated on the process of safely losing weight and maintaining that weight for the course of the wrestling season.skipping meals rather than working out, spitting, and sweating to lose “water weight” and ultimately taking away all the materials your body needs to be healthy away from your body, but still expecting your body to function properly, and in a way perform better. This is the wrong way, and unfortunately the most popular way of doing it as well. Many wrestlers aren’t capable of committing to the fact of cleaning up their diet, and exercising more regularly. If you can learn the basics of regular weight loss, of consuming good calories, and burning those calories through exercise. Water should never be excluded from your diet as it is probably the one thing you can never cut out of your diet until an hour or two before weighing in. The part were most wrestlers lose it though is maintaining this weight throughout the entire wrestling season, and not fluctuating their weight up and down.  This is were most wrestlers get them selves in an unhealthy state. Fluctuating your weight causes the wrestler to dehydrate themselves throughout the week, in order to make weight for the next up and coming competition. this causes a lot of not eating, not drinking, and extensive exercise, leading to the wrestler looking, and feeling, and most likely performing terribly. These feelings occur on a weekly basis causing wrestlers to look and feel sucked down. This causes other problems in school, work, and many other things in life. These are the reasons why people think that cutting weight is a bad thing, and an unhealthy thing. This is because no one does it right. If wrestlers could learn to manage their weight the right way, it could rewrite the misconceptions of weight loss in the sport of wrestling.

Juicings Benefits, and Down Sides

New health trends always come and go, and these health trends always have the believers, and nonbelievers. Many people have recently decided to turn to juicing fruits and vegetables to add that healthy kick start into their diets. The real question although is, is juicing worth the hassle, cost, and time it takes up? Juicing is a great way for those of you who do not get enough daily fruits and vegetables into your diet easier. It is also a way for those of you who do not enjoy consuming fruits and veggies to get through the disappear of getting through this “torturous” process. Don’t get me wrong though, juicing should never replace all of your intake of fruits and veggies as you should always have at least a little solid food in your diet. One of the bad things about juicing is that you don’t get any of the fiber in the fruit into your diet. This is because the pulp, or solid substances that is not used in the juice is where all of the fiber is located. It is strongly recommended that you should re add some of the pulp taken away during juicing back to the final product to add back some of the fiber lost, or you can use it by adding extra fiber to anything else that you cook. It is very beneficial to go the extra step and fortifying your meals a little more when juicing to make sure you are receiving all nutrients you need. A few easy ways to refortify your meals is to make fiber bars. One of the more serious or more noticed problems of juicing is that it is expensive. Juicers can range from about $50.00 to $400.00. This is one of the many reasons it takes people some serious time to consider taking up juicing. It is also very pricey to purchase all of the fruits and veggies, as it takes large quantities of fruits and veggies to get average sixed portions of juice. Juicing is easily a great way to intake fruits and veggies, but you must watch your caloric intake and be aware of what you are consuming. Many people make mistakes in thinking that there concoctions are healthy, but are unaware of the ingredients that they add into the juice to make it better. As you can see juicing has many benefits, as well as many down sides, but I strongly suggest an attempt at trying it before you come to a concrete solution of your opinion of it.

Cleanses? Do They Work

You always here of different cleanses and detoxes supposively helping you to rid yourself of all the harsh things you put in your body. Cleanses are simply a way to remove waste from your body to help promote weight loss, as well as general health. Although cleanses will help in weight loss this loss is permanent, as a cleanse does exactly what is say. A cleanse will simple remove all the waste from your body, but as soon as you return to your normal eating habits you will most likely regain this weigh just as quickly as you lost it. On that note cleanses  are not intended for primarily weight loss and weight loss only. In fact cleanses are rare exercised for the end result of weight loss. Instead cleanses are usually done to restore a good, clean, healthy feeling to the “cleansee”. So i guess my heading is some what contradictory, as it does not state if and what for the purpose of executing the cleanse is. Cleanses usually start or require fasting from certain types of foods, usually requires the consumption of certain or special drinks, aka smoothies, teas, etc. That concoction serves as a laxative which helps to flush out the waste in your body, it also hydrates you in the process. People usually try cleanse to detoxify, and rid their bodies of toxins. These cleanse in order to do so target the gall bladder, liver, and the colon.

As there is to all things, there are many different varying styles of cleanses all for achieving similar, or different goals, vice versa as well. The master cleanse, which is by far the most well known cleanse. It uses the daily consumption of non solid foods, and a based concoction composed of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper. That concoction is also paired with daily salt water concoctions to help flush out your system and help to rid it of waste. The master cleanse is a very restrictive cleanse, and this cleanse is usually done for more than a week. There are many other cleanses that are very popular also, these cleanse involve other restrictions tighter, and looser than others. Many of the more popular ones now a day involve many combinations of fresh juices, protein or supplemental smoothies, teas, etc. Cleanses in my opinion and experience do really work if they are done only if you are trying to regain that healthy feeling/glow, and are only done to rid yourselfs of bad toxins rather than weight lose. I strongly encourage researching other cleanses and trying them to see how they make you feel, and what your opinion of cleanses are.


The Importance for Athletes to Stay Hydrated and Risk of Dehydration

You here nothing stressed more in sports, whether its from your parents, teammates, coaches, etc., nothing is emphasized as importantly as hydration. It is one component of nutrition, health, fitness, and performance that is simple, clear, and not confusing, as some key aspects of remaining healthy can be to understand. We all know that water is something we cant possibly live without. Its a proven fact that our bod needs water. Our bodies can survive off less than nothing, for extended periods of time, as long as we have water. No one with enough common sense,(Which i truly hope everyone has) will ever tell you that water is not important. Us humans are made up of nearly 65% water. I hope after all that you will at least begin to realize how vital water is for you in everything you do.  Hydration is one of the best things for makings sure that your body is functioning the way it should be. The consumption of water helps to regulate your body temperature, lubricate joints, and helps in the process of transporting nutrients for energy and health. If you aren’t as hydrated as you should be your body will not be able to function properly, causing your performance to lack, you may possibly feel light headed, or dizzy, may cramp up,and many increasingly severe side effects. Although there is no set universal amount of water that all people should meet daily. Your suggested intake is all centered around how much you exercise, as well as home much you sweat, during a workout as the heat humidity, duration, and intensity of your workout. An easy way to check your hydration level is the color of your urine. Your urine should be clear to faintly yellow; if its dark yellow to orange your are very dehydrated. Your urine should NEVER be so dark that it is almost like the dark brownish color of cola. If it does come to this, you are looking at fatal dehydration, that requires immediate hospitalization. The American council on Fitness, courtesy of states that you should drinks about 17-20 ounces of water 2-3 hours before exercising. you should drink another 8 ounces of water 20-30 minutes before exercising, or during your warm-ups. you should drink another 7-10 ounces every 10-20 minutes during exercises,and another 8 30 minutes after completing your workout. Water is the clear number 1 when it comes to what is recommended during exercising, unless. the workout is extremely vigorous, and more than an hour long, although water is still a great option, a sports drink can be substituted