Cleanses? Do They Work

You always here of different cleanses and detoxes supposively helping you to rid yourself of all the harsh things you put in your body. Cleanses are simply a way to remove waste from your body to help promote weight loss, as well as general health. Although cleanses will help in weight loss this loss is permanent, as a cleanse does exactly what is say. A cleanse will simple remove all the waste from your body, but as soon as you return to your normal eating habits you will most likely regain this weigh just as quickly as you lost it. On that note cleanses  are not intended for primarily weight loss and weight loss only. In fact cleanses are rare exercised for the end result of weight loss. Instead cleanses are usually done to restore a good, clean, healthy feeling to the “cleansee”. So i guess my heading is some what contradictory, as it does not state if and what for the purpose of executing the cleanse is. Cleanses usually start or require fasting from certain types of foods, usually requires the consumption of certain or special drinks, aka smoothies, teas, etc. That concoction serves as a laxative which helps to flush out the waste in your body, it also hydrates you in the process. People usually try cleanse to detoxify, and rid their bodies of toxins. These cleanse in order to do so target the gall bladder, liver, and the colon.

As there is to all things, there are many different varying styles of cleanses all for achieving similar, or different goals, vice versa as well. The master cleanse, which is by far the most well known cleanse. It uses the daily consumption of non solid foods, and a based concoction composed of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper. That concoction is also paired with daily salt water concoctions to help flush out your system and help to rid it of waste. The master cleanse is a very restrictive cleanse, and this cleanse is usually done for more than a week. There are many other cleanses that are very popular also, these cleanse involve other restrictions tighter, and looser than others. Many of the more popular ones now a day involve many combinations of fresh juices, protein or supplemental smoothies, teas, etc. Cleanses in my opinion and experience do really work if they are done only if you are trying to regain that healthy feeling/glow, and are only done to rid yourselfs of bad toxins rather than weight lose. I strongly encourage researching other cleanses and trying them to see how they make you feel, and what your opinion of cleanses are.


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