Common Myths and Misconceptions of “Cutting Weight”

You have probably all heard or noticed at sometime someone talking and most of the times complaining about how wrestlers lose weight extremely fast, as well as how they fluctuate throughout the course of the season, and how it is extremely unhealthy for these young individuals. with y background in the sport of wrestling i have had to many, many times of the fact that yes it can be done correctly, yes it can be done healthily, and yes it can be done right. The whole process of “cutting weight” gets a real bad rap from all the idiotic things that many immature, high school students, who are not yet educated on the process of safely losing weight and maintaining that weight for the course of the wrestling season.skipping meals rather than working out, spitting, and sweating to lose “water weight” and ultimately taking away all the materials your body needs to be healthy away from your body, but still expecting your body to function properly, and in a way perform better. This is the wrong way, and unfortunately the most popular way of doing it as well. Many wrestlers aren’t capable of committing to the fact of cleaning up their diet, and exercising more regularly. If you can learn the basics of regular weight loss, of consuming good calories, and burning those calories through exercise. Water should never be excluded from your diet as it is probably the one thing you can never cut out of your diet until an hour or two before weighing in. The part were most wrestlers lose it though is maintaining this weight throughout the entire wrestling season, and not fluctuating their weight up and down.  This is were most wrestlers get them selves in an unhealthy state. Fluctuating your weight causes the wrestler to dehydrate themselves throughout the week, in order to make weight for the next up and coming competition. this causes a lot of not eating, not drinking, and extensive exercise, leading to the wrestler looking, and feeling, and most likely performing terribly. These feelings occur on a weekly basis causing wrestlers to look and feel sucked down. This causes other problems in school, work, and many other things in life. These are the reasons why people think that cutting weight is a bad thing, and an unhealthy thing. This is because no one does it right. If wrestlers could learn to manage their weight the right way, it could rewrite the misconceptions of weight loss in the sport of wrestling.


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