Are Sports Drinks Really As Good For You As You Think?

We all see the commercial of all the famous important athletes chugging Gatorade, or Powerade, but do you ever think about if those products are really beneficial or are they just another soft drink trying to be advertised in a different direction. Now its true for the most part that these products whether its Gatorade, Powerade, or any other types of sports drinks do contain the vitamins and minerals on the label, as well as it does do its job of replenishing your bodies fluid; this much is true. The main purpose of sports drinks are to replenish the fluids and calories lost through sweat throughout the course of a workout. Sports drinks also offer an occasionally nice switch from water, which is in no doubt the best thing to drink pre workout as well as during, and post workout. Whether its sugar free/ reduced sugar, or maybe just normal, they all have an intended purpose, but this purpose should not be abused through excessive consumption of these sports drinks. This only lead to excessive amounts of sugar, and calories not needed in your body. Sports drinks often times have some amount of protein, and are pretty much all carbs, which allows for the body to gain quick energy from  the product. Sports drinks, as a fluid are easier to digest than whole foods, allowing it to get to work quicker.

The negative effects of sports drink can relate to the sugar in them. The amounts of sugar in sports drinks, are known to supposedly rot away your teeth. Sports drinks are also not used in the right time, place, or reason. Many people usually just drink it for the heck of it, or think that they lost more calories, fluids, in a workout then they really did. Sports drinks often are very high in calories, and really only do one thing which is slow dehydration. Sports drinks also do not quench your thirst. With all the ingredients including the high levels of sodium and salt can cause people to consume more unexpectedly than they had originally planned, which leads to extra unneeded calories in the body. THe sports drinks who advertise their product as loaded with electrolytes but really for the effort you must expend to make the consumption of a sports drink worth it, the electrolyte content in the drink doesn’t replenish enough electrolytes into your body. Sports drinks can be both beneficial and not benificial, butr what you decide is completely your opinion, but


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