Boosting Performance with Nutrition

As you all probably know by know nutrition plays a key role in how we as people function in our everyday lives, as well as how we perform in other activities. It also is a key factor to how much we are capable of putting in to our workouts to get the most out of it, as well as our over all performance when it comes time to compete. Obviously there are more than just one way of getting the best out of what you eat, but I strongly agree with and their easy to follow, five way  plan to helping you not only feel good, but perform to your highest ability as well. I really agree with their strong emphasis on high carbohydrate meals, as well as their advice on hydrating well in advance of game, meet, or competition time, as well as after competing. The one factor that I have come to realize from several years of wrestling, with everything that comes with, the long tiring practices, managing my weight, and at the same time getting the most out of my body, is the importance of refueling my body after all this, and doing it right. Hydration, and making sure I have really make sure I rehydrate my body, after every practice, and every weigh in. Rehydrating after a long week of struggling to make weight is the most important thing. Plain and simple you cannot compete on a high level if you aren’t hydrated. Now more then ever high school athletes are starting to learn just how important proper nutrition, is to their performance. I feel good about this as a fellow member of the sports community, as well as someone who understands all that high school kids are given these days. The support that they are given, the access to this truly ground breaking information I just completely adore. Even with all the help they are given these days, it isn’t simple. We all know that. It is just so easy to go to t he gym, or go to practice, and afterwards go to some fast food restaurant to hang with the boys. I never said that sticking to a respectable regimen was easy, but once you decide to really commit to it, it will be. You will notice a better overall feeling of strength, stamina, endurance, etc. The more and more people we can get to preach, and influence young athletes on the of importance of nutrition, the greater performance we will see out of the athletes in our communities, states, country, even world. Nutrition really does make a huge difference, all it takes is the commitment, and desire to strive for excellence not only with what you do with your bodies, but what you put into them as well.


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