How are School Lunches Effecting the Students, Nutritionally, and Financially

I was recently reading an article on CNN by writer Sarah Cheshire, on a school in Gainesville, Georgia who has made great progress on improving and serving more nutritious school meals. CNN states that nearly 76% of the students in the school district qualify for free and reduced lunches, but are still not getting school lunch. This is improving childhood obesity in our country, as it is one of our greatest down falls as a society. These improved meals are not only made healthy, but are taste tested by the students to see if they  in fact would eat these meals to make sure the school district is not wasting too much money on improving food quality. Students across the US are eating 16% more vegetables than they were before, as well as 23% more fruit on a daily basis. This program is has increased overall quality of school meals, but have caused many budget cuts, when it comes to meal programs for students who need them. Schools are beginning to opt out of school lunch programs, that some students need to buy these school lunches. Schools are starting to see that the reimbursement that they receive for enacting these low budget meal plans, are in fact losing money for them. Many huge leaps have been made when it comes to improving  the over all quality, as well as the  taste of school meals, but the programs that are funding these big moves are not supporting the school enough. Yes students have better, more nutritious choices, but how are students supposed to in fact eat these new meals if meal programs are being cut. Open Campus’s also come to mention. Open campus’s allow students to leave the school grounds and go out to eat during lunch. Yes students can make good choices, but usually don’t, and on top of that the schools are losing paying customers. Not only are kids not getting quality, nutritious meals, they are also not helping out those who need to eat at school, and need the meal programs funded by the school district, in which uses the funds gained from students buying school lunches. in many cases the school is not only struggling to support those who eat school lunches, but are not getting the proper funding to support the many  free and reduce lunch plans, as many kids who don’t want to eat school lunches are leaving campus, or packing their own.


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