Shock and Awe

Yesterday was interesting to say the least in the world of NCAA Division 1 Wrestling. Yesterday marked the opening day of the national tournaments, and just like every year I couldn’t describe it with any other word besides completely baffling. I knew that for sure there where going to be upsets, but not as many as there was yesterday. In the first couple rounds of the 2015 tournament there was nine top five seeds that fell to lesser seeds, as well as other non seeded wrestlers expected to stay on the front side a lot longer than for just the first or second round.

Over all there where sixteen top eight seeds across the tournament that fell yesterday. Those athletes included at 125, Nahshon Garrett of Cornell the number two seed, and personally my favorite to take the title, as well as Sean Boyle the fifth seed from UTC. At 133 another fifth seed this time from Illinois fell. at 141 the third seed Lavion Mayes of Missouri, sixth seed Chris Dardanes of Minnesota, and eighth seed Geo Martinez of Boise State. next coming at 149, another favorite of mine to take it all, Brandon Sorenson of Iowa the fourth seed, previously ranked first in the nation for a while after upsetting defending 2014 national champ Jason Tsirtsis of Northwestern, who still resides on the winners side. 157’s sixth seeded Josh Demas of Ohio State, and eighth seed John Boyle of American U fell.  At 165, fourth and eighth seeds Nick Sulzor of University of Virginia, and Peyton Walsh of Navy, followed by third, fourth, and eighth seeds at 184, Blake Stauffer Arizona State, Jack Dechow Old Dominion, and Domenic Abounader of Michigan. Finally at 197 Princeton’s seventh seed Abe Ayala, as well as the fall of unseeded, but defending, back to back 125 pound champ Jessie Delgado fell as well.

The flurry of upsets that occurred yesterday made the team race a bit interesting as well. The first day of wrestling lead to the fall of many favorite teams in the team title race, as well as the rise of a few surprising teams as well. At the end of day one, leading the race so far, Is no surprise to me, the Buckeyes of Ohio State with 23 points lead by senior and three time champ Logan Stieber going for a historical fourth, followed by their fellow Big Ten Team title co champs, the University of Iowa with 21 points. These two being anywhere in the top five does not surprise me at all, especially the Bucks in first. This is where things get interesting. following the Hawks in third, The Okie State Cowboys followed by another shocker, Penn State. The fact that these teams are in the team race doesn’t surprise me, but no where near as close to the talent that they had last year, especially Penn State losing both Ed Ruth, as well as David Taylor left me thinking they would be a bit lower. The greatest shocker of all in my opinion though is my favorite to claim the title, the Missouri Tigers in fourth.


NCAA’s 2015 Day 1

Today marks the day that all wrestling fans across the nation look forward to. Today marks the first day of the 2015 Division 1 NCAA National Championships. This day is surrounded by mixed emotions, some highs, but mostly lows, as the elimination round takes place, and only the top wrestlers will make it on to the next couple of days. Every year this tournament becomes more and more of an emotional roller coaster, as the building is filled with the atmosphere, and type of energy one can only hope to experience in their lifetime. More tears of both joy, as well as heart break will be shed over the course of the next several days, as These athletes are fighting to keep their dreams of gold alive. Although a National title is the main goal for all it can not be achieved by all, and these athletes are willing to put all their hard work, determination, as well as every ounce of effort to claim the title of 2015 National Champ.DI-Wrestling_960x480px

Mores wrestler have more on the line then others. Upset at the Big Ten Conference tournament, Jessie Delgado, of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, enters the tournament unseeded with a hard path ahead of him, with a possible meeting with number one seeded Allen Waters of Missouri in the quarter finals. Jessie has a lot to prove to the nation as he has one the past two 125 pound titles, and is attempting to win his third.

Another wrestler with the chance to reach an almost unreachable feat, or the greatest disappointment of his life, Logan Stieber of Ohio State begins his path to become the fourth four time national champion in division 1 history, the last being Kyle Dake who achieved this and did so at four different weights the only to do this. Stieber tries to join Pat Smith, the brother of former legendary coach at Oklahoma state John Smith, Cael Sanderson, and previously mentioned Kyle Dake as the only wrestlers in to obtain this incredible achievement.

Although these athletes look to obtain an individual title, the team race is also another blood bath battle in which teams also look to achieve. with only eleven teams,  Oklahoma State (34), Iowa (23), Iowa State (8), Oklahoma (7), Penn State (5), Minnesota (3), Arizona State, Cornell College (Iowa), Indiana, Michigan State and Northern Iowa winning national team titles since 1928, this year looks to be an eventful year as topped ranked Missouri looks to break this 87 year trend today.

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125 Pound Madness

With the release of the 10 brackets of the 2015 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championship  being held this year in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri, There has been a lot of talk on the controversy and hype about how the 125 pound bracket. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding which  athletes where seeded and the shock of who was not including the non seeded, and returning National Champ Jessie Delgado who qualified for the NCAA tournament after being upset by the Buckeyes Tomasello in the Semi Finals of the Big Ten tournament. By far the 125 pound bracket has received the most hype, as it in my opinion is one of the most competitive brackets by far in the past several years. To see all the brackets visit

The 125 bracket for me is so interesting because I can see so many different wrestlers possibly taking the title. The sure favorite match up of Waters of Mizzou, the 1 seed, and Garret from Cornell the 2 seed. If the bracket plays out as it is bracketed as of now and their are no upsets that occur which is probably one of the least possible outcomes. There is always at least one major upset every year, in every bracket. In the unlikely hood that this happen,  this will be an incredible match up.  I can easily see Delgado, Waters, Tomasello, Dance, Gilman, and Garret possibly taking it all. These wrestlers all have been having great years, although Gilman and Delgado in my opinion have seen minor declines in their performance in the past month or so. With all that aside though these six wrestlers have competed at most all year at a national championship level. This is by far the most competitive bracket I have seen in the NCAA Tournament in many years, let alone such a light weight as 125. Usually if you are to see such a loaded bracket you usually see it in the middle weights, 141, 149, 157,or 165. In my opinion, and what I have seen in the past couple of years the following weights have been the more competitive weights. This is why so much talent in a bracket like the 125 pound bracket this year has just left me baffled. This is going to be no easy road to victory for any of the wrestlers, especially with so many hard early on match ups including quarter finals possible match ups of defending champ Jessie Delgado and number one seed Alan Waters, as well as Thomas Gilman, and Joey Dance.ncaawrestling2015-770x330-hjufraeo2f

Big Ten Tournament Recap

Last week on March 8th the Big Ten Conference wrestling tournament was held at Ohio State University, In Columbus Ohio. This tournament was one for the ages, with a excess amount of historical events occurring. For instance the University of Illinois crowned their first ever Big Ten freshman of the year recipient Isaiah Martinez, who upset favorite Dylan Ness of Minnesota, but Illini favorite Jesse Delgado who was upset by Nathan Tomasello a red-shirt freshman from Ohio State. Delgado is the defending NCAA champ at 125 pounds. Other teams such as Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio State,  Northwestern, Penn State, and Nebraska also had quite eventful tournaments.

Northwestern had a couple great individual performances coming from Mike McMullan at heavyweight, and defending national champion Alex Tsirtsis at 149 pound. Tsirtsis who was previously ranked number one and was upset by freshman Brandon Sorenson of Iowa got another shot and Sorenson in the finals, and won his 2nd straight Big Ten title. Tsirtsis and Sorenson had a hard fought battle for the 149 pound crown but Sorenson was edged out by by Tsirtsis by a decisions 2-1.  Northwestern also saw some promise in Heavyweight Mike McMullan who also avenged another loss of his this season in the finals edging Bobby Telford of Iowa by decision 4-3. McMullan not only avenged a Midlands finals loss to Telford, and His first Tournament title since his 2010 season.

Nebraska crowned another champ Robert Kokesh at 174 pounds, taking his second Big Ten title, and Penn States Matt Brown at 184. Penn State crowned another Champion as well at 197 upsetting the number one seeded Kyle Snyder of Ohio State.

Ohio State was another team who had a great tournament, and they had great performances by Nathan Tomasello previously mentioned, who upset Delgado, and three time national champ Logan Stieber. Stieber the favorite to win his fourth NCAA individual title, won his fourth Big Ten title. Stieber became the fourteenth Big Ten wrestler to achieve the title as a four time Big Ten champ. Ohio States Stieber on top of making NCAA Big Ten history, Stieber was also named the Big Ten wrestler of the year as well as the Big Ten wrestler of the Championship as he tech falled Josh Dwieza of Iowa In a time of 3:04. Ohio States’ head coach Tom Ryan also won the title of Big Ten coach of the year, As well as a Big Ten co title shared with Tom Brands, and the Iowa Hawkeye.

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4th Straight MAC Title for Mizzou

Today we’re heading in a different direction as far as topic, and we are going back to a previous topic covered previously in my blog covering the world of wrestling. Over the past weekend all division I wrestlers competed at their individual conference tournaments looking to see who would punch their card to the NCAA national championship held at the Scottrade Center In St. Louis, Missouri. Although many exciting things happened across the country this past weekend one of the major highlights was The University of Missouri recording their fourth straight MAC Conference team title. Coming of a shocking, and overall beat down of the previous number one team in the country, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes in the national team duals, in Iowa City. With this momentum, and the accomplishment of not only being crowned the undisputed number one team in college division I wrestling, but doing it in an almost uncontested, and incredible performance against the previous top ranked Hawkeyes at  home.

This gave the Tigers a propelling boost of confidence going into Columbia This past for weekend. Racking up a new MAC Conference record of 139.5 total overall team points Mizzou swept the competition with Old Dominion who was no threat at all to the Tigers finishing second with a slim 97.5 points, followed by University of Ohio with 85.5 points finishing third, and the Kent State Golden flashing finishing fourth compiling 75.5 team points. The Tigers crowned five MAC individuals champions coming from number ranked Alan Waters at 125 pounds,(also named MAC Tournament Outstanding Wrestler) winning by decision 11-4, Zach Snyson at 133 with a decision 4-2, number one Drake Houdashelt at 149 by decision 5-2, number one ranked, and defending national champ J’den Cox at 197 with a decision 3-1, and heavyweight Devin Mellon the tenth ranked wrestler in the nation winning by 4-2. for more statistics on other place finishers head check out .

Over the past month or so this Mizzou team has real come on strong, and is showing that they have what it takes to make some noise come March 19-21 In St. Louis. Over the course of this season I don’t think that the Tigers have been given the proper accommodation that they indeed deserve. Led by three number one ranked wrestlers at 125, 149, and 197, as well as qualifying wrestlers at all ten weights, I feel as if the could quite possibly not only head back to Columbia with several All Americans, but maybe even several National Champions, but on top of that could possibly increase their likely hood of taking back a National Championship team trophy as well. Make sure to keep your eyes out for this Mizzou powerhouse of a team come March, 19.