125 Pound Madness

With the release of the 10 brackets of the 2015 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championship  being held this year in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri, There has been a lot of talk on the controversy and hype about how the 125 pound bracket. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding which  athletes where seeded and the shock of who was not including the non seeded, and returning National Champ Jessie Delgado who qualified for the NCAA tournament after being upset by the Buckeyes Tomasello in the Semi Finals of the Big Ten tournament. By far the 125 pound bracket has received the most hype, as it in my opinion is one of the most competitive brackets by far in the past several years. To see all the brackets visit  http://i.turner.ncaa.com/dr/ncaa/ncaa7/release/sites/default/files/external/gametool/brackets/wrestling_di_2015.pdf

The 125 bracket for me is so interesting because I can see so many different wrestlers possibly taking the title. The sure favorite match up of Waters of Mizzou, the 1 seed, and Garret from Cornell the 2 seed. If the bracket plays out as it is bracketed as of now and their are no upsets that occur which is probably one of the least possible outcomes. There is always at least one major upset every year, in every bracket. In the unlikely hood that this happen,  this will be an incredible match up.  I can easily see Delgado, Waters, Tomasello, Dance, Gilman, and Garret possibly taking it all. These wrestlers all have been having great years, although Gilman and Delgado in my opinion have seen minor declines in their performance in the past month or so. With all that aside though these six wrestlers have competed at most all year at a national championship level. This is by far the most competitive bracket I have seen in the NCAA Tournament in many years, let alone such a light weight as 125. Usually if you are to see such a loaded bracket you usually see it in the middle weights, 141, 149, 157,or 165. In my opinion, and what I have seen in the past couple of years the following weights have been the more competitive weights. This is why so much talent in a bracket like the 125 pound bracket this year has just left me baffled. This is going to be no easy road to victory for any of the wrestlers, especially with so many hard early on match ups including quarter finals possible match ups of defending champ Jessie Delgado and number one seed Alan Waters, as well as Thomas Gilman, and Joey Dance.ncaawrestling2015-770x330-hjufraeo2f


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