NCAA’s 2015 Day 1

Today marks the day that all wrestling fans across the nation look forward to. Today marks the first day of the 2015 Division 1 NCAA National Championships. This day is surrounded by mixed emotions, some highs, but mostly lows, as the elimination round takes place, and only the top wrestlers will make it on to the next couple of days. Every year this tournament becomes more and more of an emotional roller coaster, as the building is filled with the atmosphere, and type of energy one can only hope to experience in their lifetime. More tears of both joy, as well as heart break will be shed over the course of the next several days, as These athletes are fighting to keep their dreams of gold alive. Although a National title is the main goal for all it can not be achieved by all, and these athletes are willing to put all their hard work, determination, as well as every ounce of effort to claim the title of 2015 National Champ.DI-Wrestling_960x480px

Mores wrestler have more on the line then others. Upset at the Big Ten Conference tournament, Jessie Delgado, of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, enters the tournament unseeded with a hard path ahead of him, with a possible meeting with number one seeded Allen Waters of Missouri in the quarter finals. Jessie has a lot to prove to the nation as he has one the past two 125 pound titles, and is attempting to win his third.

Another wrestler with the chance to reach an almost unreachable feat, or the greatest disappointment of his life, Logan Stieber of Ohio State begins his path to become the fourth four time national champion in division 1 history, the last being Kyle Dake who achieved this and did so at four different weights the only to do this. Stieber tries to join Pat Smith, the brother of former legendary coach at Oklahoma state John Smith, Cael Sanderson, and previously mentioned Kyle Dake as the only wrestlers in to obtain this incredible achievement.

Although these athletes look to obtain an individual title, the team race is also another blood bath battle in which teams also look to achieve. with only eleven teams,  Oklahoma State (34), Iowa (23), Iowa State (8), Oklahoma (7), Penn State (5), Minnesota (3), Arizona State, Cornell College (Iowa), Indiana, Michigan State and Northern Iowa winning national team titles since 1928, this year looks to be an eventful year as topped ranked Missouri looks to break this 87 year trend today.

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