Shock and Awe

Yesterday was interesting to say the least in the world of NCAA Division 1 Wrestling. Yesterday marked the opening day of the national tournaments, and just like every year I couldn’t describe it with any other word besides completely baffling. I knew that for sure there where going to be upsets, but not as many as there was yesterday. In the first couple rounds of the 2015 tournament there was nine top five seeds that fell to lesser seeds, as well as other non seeded wrestlers expected to stay on the front side a lot longer than for just the first or second round.

Over all there where sixteen top eight seeds across the tournament that fell yesterday. Those athletes included at 125, Nahshon Garrett of Cornell the number two seed, and personally my favorite to take the title, as well as Sean Boyle the fifth seed from UTC. At 133 another fifth seed this time from Illinois fell. at 141 the third seed Lavion Mayes of Missouri, sixth seed Chris Dardanes of Minnesota, and eighth seed Geo Martinez of Boise State. next coming at 149, another favorite of mine to take it all, Brandon Sorenson of Iowa the fourth seed, previously ranked first in the nation for a while after upsetting defending 2014 national champ Jason Tsirtsis of Northwestern, who still resides on the winners side. 157’s sixth seeded Josh Demas of Ohio State, and eighth seed John Boyle of American U fell.  At 165, fourth and eighth seeds Nick Sulzor of University of Virginia, and Peyton Walsh of Navy, followed by third, fourth, and eighth seeds at 184, Blake Stauffer Arizona State, Jack Dechow Old Dominion, and Domenic Abounader of Michigan. Finally at 197 Princeton’s seventh seed Abe Ayala, as well as the fall of unseeded, but defending, back to back 125 pound champ Jessie Delgado fell as well.

The flurry of upsets that occurred yesterday made the team race a bit interesting as well. The first day of wrestling lead to the fall of many favorite teams in the team title race, as well as the rise of a few surprising teams as well. At the end of day one, leading the race so far, Is no surprise to me, the Buckeyes of Ohio State with 23 points lead by senior and three time champ Logan Stieber going for a historical fourth, followed by their fellow Big Ten Team title co champs, the University of Iowa with 21 points. These two being anywhere in the top five does not surprise me at all, especially the Bucks in first. This is where things get interesting. following the Hawks in third, The Okie State Cowboys followed by another shocker, Penn State. The fact that these teams are in the team race doesn’t surprise me, but no where near as close to the talent that they had last year, especially Penn State losing both Ed Ruth, as well as David Taylor left me thinking they would be a bit lower. The greatest shocker of all in my opinion though is my favorite to claim the title, the Missouri Tigers in fourth.

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