Is Breakfast All That Necessary?

You’ve probably all heard someone tell you to make sure you get a good breakfast every morning. You have probably heard something along the line of, “make sure you est your Wheaties”, “you’ll never get big and strong skipping breakfast”, or “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. I know that I have grown sick and tired of my mom, dad, aunts, uncles etc. over the course of my life lecturing me on never skipping any meal, especially breakfast. Over the years I have never actually decided to research, and attempt to grasp a well rounded idea about breakfast’s role in a persons day, and if it really is as important as many people say it is. talks about many observational studies, although not the most reliable studies, have shown surprising statistics.

According to, in an article by Rita Ruben observational studies (many times relating to weight loss, or waist reduction), have shown interesting results. It is a commonly stated idea expressing that people who eat breakfast in the morning, as opposed to those who decide to skip it are over all more healthy for doing so. I find this a believable point, as they state that the reason breakfast eaters are healthier, and shown through studies are less likely to gain excess weight is due to the fact that those who decide to skip breakfast overcompensate in other meals such as lunch and dinner, as well as snacks even, where the individual may eat excessively. Although these facts are not 100% concrete facts, they do show an interesting angle in this argument.

As a former non breakfast eater, converted to a breakfast eater, I can say for a fact that when i am regularly eating good quality breakfasts I tend to feel more awake, energized, and capable of accomplishing in my day, as well as feeling less hungry throughout the day which cuts down on my in between snacking, or grazing, and less consumption at major meal times. Although that is merely my opinion, and experience, there still are factual evidence of skipping breakfast benefiting people as well. For instance in a study about breakfast consumption of those with diabetes, in an article by John Berardi, it has shown that skipping breakfast may actually benefit this select group of people.Although my personal belief is that breakfast is an essential part of your nutrition that can make an unexpected impact on your dayhealthy-breakfast


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