Fermented Foods Good?

People tend to get scared when people mention fermenting foods, or all that may come to mind are things like plain yogurt, sauerkraut, Kimchi, or Kombucha. Although these are in fact some of the most well known fermented foods, but they seem to over shadow many other very beneficial forms of fermented foods. Trying other forms of fermented foods such as Tempeh, Miso, or Kefir can be nothing but beneficial to you, and who knows you might discover one of those foods you just need, and can’t live without. Like for instance every time I was to go visit my grandmother in Seattle we would often times go out to one of her favorite Korean places, and I was always skeptical of eating the Kimchi, but ever since I decided to try it, it’s the main thing i’m looking forward to when we visit.Lifeway-Kefir

Fermented foods like I said earlier have many great health benefits. They are many other foods you may not have known about. Through  the process of Lactofermentation, Bacteria feeds on the sugar, and starch in the food being fermented, causing the creation of lactic acid. This process of creating lactic acids through the break down of sugars and starches not only helps to preserve the food, but it also helps to create beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, as well as many different strains of probiotics. These enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics, are very crucial to our diets, especially since we as Americans in recent years have been steadily declining in our consumption of these beneficially foods. With so much high tech ways, and easier ways of preparing food, these old tried, tested, and truly fundamental forms of preparing foods have almost vanished from our society today.

Fermented foods, and their content of probiotics, enzymes, and other good bacterias is so beneficial due to there ability to help with digestion. This allows for more nutrients to be taken from the foods that you are consuming. This will help to make sure that eating those vegetables that  you truly despise won’t be a waste of time, and will give you those results your looking for.

fermented foods are also very budget friendly. With many of them being easily capable of being made at home, they are also well preserved and easy to make. Everything from sauerkraut, to kimchi or even drinks like kombucha, or kefir can be made at home as well.



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