Importance of Explosiveness

It’s a known fact that if you are an athlete being more dynamic, accelerating quicker, cutting sharper, faster foot work, all leads to nothing but better performance in your given sport. These feats all come along the line of increasing your athletic explosiveness. Explosiveness is an essential skill to have, as well as always to be improving. many athletes except the fact that ” I’m just not an explosive person”, or ” I don’t need it”, is a great misconception. Explosion off of a starting whistle, into a tackle, springing up for a rebound, or penetrating through a leg shot all can be easier, more powerful, and more effective with more explosion.

Some very crucial lifts that an athlete can do to increase his or her explosiveness: power cleans, squats, bench press, chin ups, or pull up, shoulder press, bent over or upright rows, and close grip bench. Many plyometric exercises can be very beneficial as well, such as: sprints, core training, lunges, plate jumps, frog squat jumps, box squat jumps, dumb bell swing through jump, standing triple jump, finger cleans, dumb bell jerks, ravers, concentric box jumps, and long box jumps. these lifts, plyometrics, and other exercises will help you as an athlete build upon your levels of explosiveness to get you prepared to dominate the competition.

Athletes now a day, especially those who continue their careers into professional sports are significantly bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive, etc. in order to keep up with the growing demand for bigger and better athletes, we must teach our up and coming athletes on the importance of such things like explosiveness. explosiveness has been shown to improve the quality of an athlete whether it be a pick up game of football or basketball at a local park, a neighbor hood street race, or the last heat, match, lap, or game for an Olympic gold medal.

Explosiveness is very crucial especially in the sport of wrestling, my personal favorite. over the past decade or so just like every other sport wrestlers have seemed to get more explosive than before. One person who comes to mind is US Olympic gold medalist Jordan Borroughs. known to be probably the most explosive wrestler around today his ability to drive and penetrate explosively through his opponent on his patented blast double leg take down is why he currently has only 2 international loses to his name. His explosiveness is one of the things that makes him so unstoppable


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