Kettle Bells

Many people question whether or not they should have in terms of scheduled workouts, or whether or not they truly are getting the most out of their training regiment. I look at it in one way. I truly believe that no matter what wide variety of exercises you may do there is in my mind a few exercises that must be apart of a workout regimen. Whether it be ever week or every month there are several lifts, exercises, etc. that I feel you should know about.

Many people try to get too fancy, and different with their lifts, and although switching up your exercises and routines, basic is best.  I Highly enjoy kettle bells. Kettle bells although they have just come to be a highly hyped up exercise in the past couple of years, and are most likely thought of as a new age exercise, but they grasp most of the same concepts as old school lifts and exercises. Although they have only recently come to be a trending workout  in America, it has been a highly recommended and popular lift in Russia for centuries.  The great thing about kettle bell exercises is that these exercises are great for total body movement, as well as giving you a total body exercise. It works all muscle groups and will definitely if done right will give you just as great of a workout as you can get. Although kettle bells are a full body exercise they can be focused, or centered around a certain muscle group.

Some of my favorite kettle bell exercises include: Kettle bell swings, the goblet squat, the Turkish get up, strict presses, kettle bell cleans, and last but not least the kettle bell snatch. These exercises of course are a full body, as well as muscle group workout, but are very well centered around a core muscle group as well. These exercise are great for toning up your body, as well as helping to build mass or even lose weight if done the right way. Kettle bells are also highly useful as they are easily capable of being made into routines, and more importantly can be made into quick fifteen to thirty minute workouts. They can make for easy transition and a quick effective exercise routine. These kettle bell exercises can pretty much replace a whole gym. They can target all muscle groups, as well as help to improve stamina, endurance, and over all strength. Kettle bells are truly a great investment that should be looked into.



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