Energy Boosting Foods

It’s a given fact that as human beings we need energy to make it through the day, and this energy we all know comes from the food we eat. The food that we eat help to create a fuel for our bodies, and that fuel is what helps us get through the day and all those physical activities that we all enjoy. It is a simple concept to grasp just like with everything else, when it comes to foods we consume there are foods that are better for boosting the amount of energy our body creates to get through the day. A common misconception that people have is that when your’e feeling that two o’clock drowsiness, reaching for a sugar filled candy bar, or other sugary treat isn’t necessarily your best choice. There are better foods both health wise, and the amount of energy they produce for your body then a sugar candy treat.

There are many not only energy boosting but very nutritious foods that you can work into your diet. Many of the foods that you can learn to work into your diet can help not only to help extend your energy throughout the day, but can just as well help you to get easy quick burst of energy. For those seeking an extremely easily digestible, as well as a extremely quick source of energy. These quick bursts of energy can be reached through consuming a diet full of protein and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs can easily be found in products containing whole grains. A simple peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread can be a great energy boosting snack. This although easily digestible takes a longer time to digest, and do to this your bodies glucose level is sustained at a higher level for longer than usually, allowing for your body to feel better and more energized.

As humans when we are feeling tired and groggy we almost instinctively reach for candy, sugary treats, a coffee etc. These foods allow for short term energy but also lead to a crash. Some better substitutes for these foods that give you great energy, as well as don’t make you crash after a certain time include, Almonds which contain magnesium as well as B vitamins that help to convert food to energy, air popped popcorn, with its high levels of fiber allow your body to fight the symptoms of a common energy crash. Others include salmon, kale, bananas, oatmeal pistachios, greek yogurt, hummus, and many more.



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