Energy Boosting Foods

It’s a given fact that as human beings we need energy to make it through the day, and this energy we all know comes from the food we eat. The food that we eat help to create a fuel for our bodies, and that fuel is what helps us get through the day and all those physical activities that we all enjoy. It is a simple concept to grasp just like with everything else, when it comes to foods we consume there are foods that are better for boosting the amount of energy our body creates to get through the day. A common misconception that people have is that when your’e feeling that two o’clock drowsiness, reaching for a sugar filled candy bar, or other sugary treat isn’t necessarily your best choice. There are better foods both health wise, and the amount of energy they produce for your body then a sugar candy treat.

There are many not only energy boosting but very nutritious foods that you can work into your diet. Many of the foods that you can learn to work into your diet can help not only to help extend your energy throughout the day, but can just as well help you to get easy quick burst of energy. For those seeking an extremely easily digestible, as well as a extremely quick source of energy. These quick bursts of energy can be reached through consuming a diet full of protein and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs can easily be found in products containing whole grains. A simple peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread can be a great energy boosting snack. This although easily digestible takes a longer time to digest, and do to this your bodies glucose level is sustained at a higher level for longer than usually, allowing for your body to feel better and more energized.

As humans when we are feeling tired and groggy we almost instinctively reach for candy, sugary treats, a coffee etc. These foods allow for short term energy but also lead to a crash. Some better substitutes for these foods that give you great energy, as well as don’t make you crash after a certain time include, Almonds which contain magnesium as well as B vitamins that help to convert food to energy, air popped popcorn, with its high levels of fiber allow your body to fight the symptoms of a common energy crash. Others include salmon, kale, bananas, oatmeal pistachios, greek yogurt, hummus, and many more.



Kettle Bells

Many people question whether or not they should have in terms of scheduled workouts, or whether or not they truly are getting the most out of their training regiment. I look at it in one way. I truly believe that no matter what wide variety of exercises you may do there is in my mind a few exercises that must be apart of a workout regimen. Whether it be ever week or every month there are several lifts, exercises, etc. that I feel you should know about.

Many people try to get too fancy, and different with their lifts, and although switching up your exercises and routines, basic is best.  I Highly enjoy kettle bells. Kettle bells although they have just come to be a highly hyped up exercise in the past couple of years, and are most likely thought of as a new age exercise, but they grasp most of the same concepts as old school lifts and exercises. Although they have only recently come to be a trending workout  in America, it has been a highly recommended and popular lift in Russia for centuries.  The great thing about kettle bell exercises is that these exercises are great for total body movement, as well as giving you a total body exercise. It works all muscle groups and will definitely if done right will give you just as great of a workout as you can get. Although kettle bells are a full body exercise they can be focused, or centered around a certain muscle group.

Some of my favorite kettle bell exercises include: Kettle bell swings, the goblet squat, the Turkish get up, strict presses, kettle bell cleans, and last but not least the kettle bell snatch. These exercises of course are a full body, as well as muscle group workout, but are very well centered around a core muscle group as well. These exercise are great for toning up your body, as well as helping to build mass or even lose weight if done the right way. Kettle bells are also highly useful as they are easily capable of being made into routines, and more importantly can be made into quick fifteen to thirty minute workouts. They can make for easy transition and a quick effective exercise routine. These kettle bell exercises can pretty much replace a whole gym. They can target all muscle groups, as well as help to improve stamina, endurance, and over all strength. Kettle bells are truly a great investment that should be looked into.


Importance of Explosiveness

It’s a known fact that if you are an athlete being more dynamic, accelerating quicker, cutting sharper, faster foot work, all leads to nothing but better performance in your given sport. These feats all come along the line of increasing your athletic explosiveness. Explosiveness is an essential skill to have, as well as always to be improving. many athletes except the fact that ” I’m just not an explosive person”, or ” I don’t need it”, is a great misconception. Explosion off of a starting whistle, into a tackle, springing up for a rebound, or penetrating through a leg shot all can be easier, more powerful, and more effective with more explosion.

Some very crucial lifts that an athlete can do to increase his or her explosiveness: power cleans, squats, bench press, chin ups, or pull up, shoulder press, bent over or upright rows, and close grip bench. Many plyometric exercises can be very beneficial as well, such as: sprints, core training, lunges, plate jumps, frog squat jumps, box squat jumps, dumb bell swing through jump, standing triple jump, finger cleans, dumb bell jerks, ravers, concentric box jumps, and long box jumps. these lifts, plyometrics, and other exercises will help you as an athlete build upon your levels of explosiveness to get you prepared to dominate the competition.

Athletes now a day, especially those who continue their careers into professional sports are significantly bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive, etc. in order to keep up with the growing demand for bigger and better athletes, we must teach our up and coming athletes on the importance of such things like explosiveness. explosiveness has been shown to improve the quality of an athlete whether it be a pick up game of football or basketball at a local park, a neighbor hood street race, or the last heat, match, lap, or game for an Olympic gold medal.

Explosiveness is very crucial especially in the sport of wrestling, my personal favorite. over the past decade or so just like every other sport wrestlers have seemed to get more explosive than before. One person who comes to mind is US Olympic gold medalist Jordan Borroughs. known to be probably the most explosive wrestler around today his ability to drive and penetrate explosively through his opponent on his patented blast double leg take down is why he currently has only 2 international loses to his name. His explosiveness is one of the things that makes him so unstoppable

Getting Back to your Roots

Not only are root vegetables hearty, delicious, they are very nutritious on top of that, and frankly I don’t think we eat enough and or appreciate them for all the benefits they have to offer.  Whether it be carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, etc. these vegetables can work wonders for you and yours health. Root vegetables contain many very nutritional components that we as a society don’t seem to get enough of in our daily diets. Simply just adding root vegetables to your diet can greatly benefit your health.

Vegetables such as ginger, onion, garlic, fennel, radishes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets are all incredibly beneficial to eat when it comes to getting the most out of your food. Ginger in fact can help out and even treat cases of arthritis, nausea, and even some types of heart conditions, as well as minimal things like helping to relieve or treat headaches as well as colds. Onion are great as well. Onions contain flavonoids that help in providing antibacterial benefits. Onions aren’t just beneficial for their flavonoids, they also contain nutrients that can help with increasing bone density, especially in older women, as well as anti inflammatory, and a reduced risk of being diagnosed with mouth cancers. Next is my most favorite, not only root vegetable but food in general, garlic. Garlic is well known for its many cardiovascular benefits, as well as antiviral, cancer preventive, and garlic boosting properties. Yams, or sweet potatoes are another one of my favorites. Yams come in many strange and fascinating varieties, but are one of my favorites for their health benefits.

Sweet potatoes, or yams are very rich in vitamins such as B6, and potassium as well. These delicious starchy foods are also very commonly beneficial in hormone replacement for menopausal older women. Research has also shown that yams have been used for medicinal purposes as a form of chinese herbal medicine to help keep internal organs functioning properly. Yams are seriously incredible things.

Radishes are another favorite, and another insanely important root vegetable. Radishes have in my opinion the most health benefits of any root vegetable. Radishes were held to a higher standard then most in ancient Greece, as highly valuable herbal medicine. In today’s day and age they are known to help lower cholesterol, clear urinary track infections, and increase the levels of oxygen running through your blood streams. The list goes on and on, but these are my favorites, and I hope that from this you decide to pick up and incorporate root vegetables into your diet. gfg_root-veggies-cropped

Fermented Foods Good?

People tend to get scared when people mention fermenting foods, or all that may come to mind are things like plain yogurt, sauerkraut, Kimchi, or Kombucha. Although these are in fact some of the most well known fermented foods, but they seem to over shadow many other very beneficial forms of fermented foods. Trying other forms of fermented foods such as Tempeh, Miso, or Kefir can be nothing but beneficial to you, and who knows you might discover one of those foods you just need, and can’t live without. Like for instance every time I was to go visit my grandmother in Seattle we would often times go out to one of her favorite Korean places, and I was always skeptical of eating the Kimchi, but ever since I decided to try it, it’s the main thing i’m looking forward to when we visit.Lifeway-Kefir

Fermented foods like I said earlier have many great health benefits. They are many other foods you may not have known about. Through  the process of Lactofermentation, Bacteria feeds on the sugar, and starch in the food being fermented, causing the creation of lactic acid. This process of creating lactic acids through the break down of sugars and starches not only helps to preserve the food, but it also helps to create beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, as well as many different strains of probiotics. These enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics, are very crucial to our diets, especially since we as Americans in recent years have been steadily declining in our consumption of these beneficially foods. With so much high tech ways, and easier ways of preparing food, these old tried, tested, and truly fundamental forms of preparing foods have almost vanished from our society today.

Fermented foods, and their content of probiotics, enzymes, and other good bacterias is so beneficial due to there ability to help with digestion. This allows for more nutrients to be taken from the foods that you are consuming. This will help to make sure that eating those vegetables that  you truly despise won’t be a waste of time, and will give you those results your looking for.

fermented foods are also very budget friendly. With many of them being easily capable of being made at home, they are also well preserved and easy to make. Everything from sauerkraut, to kimchi or even drinks like kombucha, or kefir can be made at home as well.


Incredible Eggs

eggs not only are they delicious, but they have many health benefits, and are easy to use and and can be added to just about anything. Eggs are one of the most nutritious and most versatile food on the planet. Just so you can realize how amazing these edible treats are, on average one large hard boiled egg contains: 6% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A, 5%  of the daily recommended value of Folate, 7% of your daily recommended serving of Vitamin B5, as well as 9% of B12, 155 of Vitamin B2, 95 of Phosphorus, and 22% percent of Selenium. Eggs also contain decent amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc. All of these vitamins and minerals with only 77 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 5 grams of healthy fat.

Eggs are pretty much a perfect food. They contain a bit of pretty much everything you need in your daily required diet. With that all being said, eggs get a hard wrap for being high in cholesterol. Although they are high in cholesterol, 212 of the recommended 300 milligrams per day, just coming from a single egg. I know that this seems like a very bad thing and may overshadow all of the good qualities previously stated, but these levels of cholesterol are safe. The cholesterol that eggs contain, is actually very healthy, and in no way affects blood  cholesterol. This is do to the fact that when we incorporate cholesterol into our diets, especially healthy cholesterol like from eggs, this cholesterol does not enter the blood stream, but simply tells the liver that creates, and secretes cholesterol to slow down, or even stop in some cases if enough cholesterol is being consumed. But this is something you shouldn’t stress about, as eggs do not raise the cholesterol in some 70% of people, making it a rare, and in a way unimportant detail as it is harmless.

Choline, an important as well as hardly known nutrient that eggs contain, sometimes grouped with the B Vitamins, is another reason why eggs are so healthy. Choline is something many people hardly get in their diet let alone have even heard of. A single egg contains more than 10 milligrams of Choline.

The most important attribute of eggs in my opinion though is the benefits it give in dealing with helping to reduce heart disease. Eggs are truly an incredible food, and you should attempt to incorporate them more in your everyday diet.


Is Breakfast All That Necessary?

You’ve probably all heard someone tell you to make sure you get a good breakfast every morning. You have probably heard something along the line of, “make sure you est your Wheaties”, “you’ll never get big and strong skipping breakfast”, or “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. I know that I have grown sick and tired of my mom, dad, aunts, uncles etc. over the course of my life lecturing me on never skipping any meal, especially breakfast. Over the years I have never actually decided to research, and attempt to grasp a well rounded idea about breakfast’s role in a persons day, and if it really is as important as many people say it is. talks about many observational studies, although not the most reliable studies, have shown surprising statistics.

According to, in an article by Rita Ruben observational studies (many times relating to weight loss, or waist reduction), have shown interesting results. It is a commonly stated idea expressing that people who eat breakfast in the morning, as opposed to those who decide to skip it are over all more healthy for doing so. I find this a believable point, as they state that the reason breakfast eaters are healthier, and shown through studies are less likely to gain excess weight is due to the fact that those who decide to skip breakfast overcompensate in other meals such as lunch and dinner, as well as snacks even, where the individual may eat excessively. Although these facts are not 100% concrete facts, they do show an interesting angle in this argument.

As a former non breakfast eater, converted to a breakfast eater, I can say for a fact that when i am regularly eating good quality breakfasts I tend to feel more awake, energized, and capable of accomplishing in my day, as well as feeling less hungry throughout the day which cuts down on my in between snacking, or grazing, and less consumption at major meal times. Although that is merely my opinion, and experience, there still are factual evidence of skipping breakfast benefiting people as well. For instance in a study about breakfast consumption of those with diabetes, in an article by John Berardi, it has shown that skipping breakfast may actually benefit this select group of people.Although my personal belief is that breakfast is an essential part of your nutrition that can make an unexpected impact on your dayhealthy-breakfast